Meat, Poultry and Game Bird Processing


The beef cattle, pigs, goats and lambs that Vermont Quality Meats sells are processed locally at USDA-inspected facilities where humane animal treatment, product quality control, and food safety are top priorities. The farmers we work with send their animals to Royalton Beef, a new state-of-the-art slaughterhouse and meat processing plant located in Sharon, Vermont,  or Royalton Smokehouse located in Sharon, Vermont.

The poultry we sell is raised by Misty Knoll Farms in New Haven, Vermont, and processed in their USDA-inspected facility. On-premise processing results in less stress on the birds resulting in a better end product. The chickens and turkeys are then carefully graded by hand ensuring that only the finest birds are available for sale.

Our quail and pheasant come from Cavendish Game Birds in Springfield, Vermont. The birds are processed in their Vermont-inspected poultry processing facility which reduces the stress on the birds and enables their team of experienced food processors to carefully prepare and inspect them by hand. No automation, with the exception of feather removal, is used in the preparation of their quail or pheasants.

The rabbits we sell are raised at Vermont Bunny Pen and processed in their on-farm Vermont-inspected processing facility in Orwell, Vermont.

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